My Sweet Mother

My sweet mother, you are who you are,

in the whole universe you are my favorite star;

All your sacrifice,

Even before I opened my eyes;

You gave your motherly advice,

For me to be wise;

You are always a sport,

Need I say about your unrelenting support;

For me, to the Lord is always your prayer,

It is never rare ‘cos you always care;

No matter what my deed,

You always want me to succeed;

You taught me the poem ‘Footprints in the Sand’,

You taught me to walk holding my hand;

The experience of unconditional love,

In you the Lord has gifted me from above;

In my life, right from the start,

Footprints, I see only one set,

‘cos you always carry me in your heart.

                                                        –  By George Panicker

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