Our Hero – Right or Wrong

Our Hero – Right or Wrong

Education is a Human Right,
So is Education that is Right.
Right or wrong,
The idea seemed gone.
Shut were schools during pandemic,
Situation seemed tragic.
Life seemed only about Covid,
Everything around made us livid.
When we felt low with nowhere to go,
Teacher, you proved to be our hero.
Educating through technology was bold,
Learning using it, within our hearts we hold.
Your new age style of educating,
For the world it is fascinating.
Right or wrong,
Teacher, you stayed strong.
You taught us not to be afraid,
For education is not only about grade.
During trying times you didn’t let us fall,
You are our hero who helped us stand tall.
Teacher, you have taken care of the future,
For, you have made us mindful to endeavour,
Problems, maybe as big as the Nile,
To solve them we need to be versatile.
Hero of ours, you are forever,
Teacher, you are the world’s priceless treasure.
Right or wrong,
To meet you in person and say thank you, we long.
Happy Teacher’s Day.

– George Panicker

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